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Boracay: Your Ultimate Travel Destination

When life gets extremely busy, taking a vacation to unwind and relax is usually hard nowadays. Thinking for a place to chill out is even harder for some because they are too pre-occupied.

Boracay is known for its glorious white beach, especially now that it is renewed after being rehabilitated. It's the prefect place to have that summer with other people from all over the world to enjoy beach life and just relax.

Beautiful sunset Photo courtesy: Ms. Christina Lee


Choosing a good hotel in Boracay is not hard nowadays given there are a lot of legit Travel and Tours agency and Travel apps. Resorts with high ratings can easily be found.

Here are our five (5) picture-worthy hotels on our list that you can consider on your #BoracayGetAway:

1. Aloha Boracay Hotel offers modern and contemporary accommodation in Boracay, Philippines. Shopping is also easy because D'Mall Boracay is 500m from Aloha Boracay Hotel, while Boracay White Beach is 700m away.

Photo courtesy: http://alohaboracayhotel.com/

2. Boracay Holiday Resort is a good substitute if you are looking for a European inspired getaway without having to spend too much or even leaving the Philippines. It's a Mediterranean-inspired resort located at the heart of Station 2.


3. Le Soleil De Boracay located at the beach front of Station 2 is on my Top 3 list. I personally stayed here 5 years ago and it was a superb experience. Le Soleil De Boracay translates to “The Sun of Boracay” is a premier resort and can be an idyllic retreat for tourists who want to taste a French-Mediterranean summer getaway.

Photo courtesy: http://www.lesoleil.com.ph/

Photo courtesy: http://www.lesoleil.com.ph/

4. Nigi-Nigi Nu Noos Beach Resort is a small resort with just twenty charming rooms and offers a wonderful panoramic Boracay ocean views - inspired by native aesthetics and Polynesian styled architecture.



5. The District Boracay is known as the Contemporary Boutique Beachfront in the Island. It has Star lounge, Gym, Spa, beach, swimming pool and conference room. Its quite pricey but we're sure to be worth the buck! If you are looking for a luxurious place to stay, better try it here first. (Hmmm, would really love to try District next year!)

Photo courtesy:https://thedistrictboracay.com/

Photo courtesy:https://thedistrictboracay.com/

Photo courtesy:https://thedistrictboracay.com/

Are you ready now to call your friends and loved ones to experience the white beach of Boracay?

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