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Couch Potato: She's alive, we tell you! Alive!

Abs-Cbn's late night teleserye, Killer Bride, topped local trends on social media last August 28 when Camila dela Torre (played by Maja Salvador) was still alive and didn't die in prison. Viewers were in shock and now eager to watch the next episodes. Plot twist! Camila is alive and Emma (played by Janella Salvador) was just pretending to be possessed by Camila's spirit.

The Killer Bride is a Philippine late night fictional revenge-drama series aired on Abs-Cbn Channel 2 starring Joshua Garcia, Janella Salvador, Geoff Eigenmann, and Maja Salvador.

Photo courtesy: The Killer Bride (ABS-CBN)


A superstitious town called Las Espadas is haunted by the ghost of "The Killer Bride" for years. Stories circulated around about numerous encounters with a woman who got killed in 1999 right before her wedding day.

Wrongfully accused of a murder, Camila Dela Torre was shunned and eventually sent to prison by her rich and prominent family and fiance despite begging for mercy. After giving birth to a beautiful baby girl in prison, an unexpected freak fire spread through the entire prison facility. She was then unable to find her baby and promised to plot revenge against everyone who wronged her (talk about Maja Salvador in another Wild Flower-ish series).

18 years has passed and the urban legend continued among teenagers. Playfully, they claimed that on the day when a blood moon eclipse appears, the ghost of Camila will posses a new body and kickstart her vow for revenge.

Photo courtesy: The Killer Bride (ABS-CBN)

"Hangga't sa naniniwala silang patay si Camila dela Torre, magtatagumpay tayo." - Camila Dela Torre

I can't wait to find out what unfolds in this series in the coming days!

Killer bride is definitely a must watch on iWant TV or at Abs-Cbn live.

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