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Do you believe in hungry ghost?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Obviously, ghost month is different from the recent trending " ghosting" issue we see all around the news (no lovers involved here. LOL!). August, according to old Chinese tales, is the month where the gates of hell are opened to free the hungry ghosts who then wander to seek food on Earth according to Chinese customs. Business owners, investors, and couples who want to tie the knot this month might want to postpone any plans.

According to some feng shui experts, here are a few tips on how NOT to be followed by so-called roaming spirits:

1. Do not stay out late in the night! Spirit might follow you back.

2. Do not stab your chopsticks on your bowl of rice because it is rude in terms of table manners and it also resembles the joss sticks offerings to the dead. It is indirectly cursing your own death and also telling the spirits that it is their bowl of rice.

3. Do not take a photo at night because you might capture some other stuff that you don’t wish to see.

4. If your birth date falls in the ghost month, avoid celebrating your birthday at night and blowing your cake. It will be better to celebrate during the daytime. (You never know who's celebrating with you that you can't see. *gulps*)

5. Do not open an umbrella, especially a red one in the house because wandering ghosts might seek “shelter” under the umbrella.

From the film Annabelle ( Creation ) 2017

6. Avoid working late during this month because humans are weak in the night, while the spirit are strong and might cause possession.

7. Do not cover your forehead, try to pin up your head as high as possible.

8. Do not play games that can attract spirits like ouija boards.

9. Do not wait at a bus stop after midnight, especially after bus service hour

10. Do not use black or dark manicure because black nails may lead the spirits to think that you are one of them and may lead you back to hell as well.

11. Do not enter cemetery or any abandoned house because you might attract wandering spirit back with you.

12. Avoid spitting and blowing your nose in the public or at any tree/plant.

13. Don’t lean against the wall because spirit apparently like to stick on walls because they’re cooler.

14. Don’t turn your head around if someone pats you on the shoulder.

15. Do not kill any insects that come into you house – It is a Chinese belief that insects especially are reincarnation of spirits or visit of your late closed ones.

16. Do not commerce your renovation works in the 7th lunar month as it might cause disturbance.

17. No buying of cars and property housing – It is believed to bring you bad luck if you make a purchase in this particular month, but it is fine to shop for them first and sign all legal agreements after the month.

18. Do not hang your clothes overnight as it easily attract spirit to possess them.

19. Do not hold your wedding dinner celebration in this month because it is believed to bring bad luck to the marriage and might even cause disharmony.

There is nothing to loose if we follow the things on how to survive this ghost month. Our faith will keep us all safe and free from harm whether its the ghost month season or not.

How about you? Any ghost month experience? Feel free to message and share your stories with us.

Photo courtesy: 七月 "Qi Yue" (7th Month) Hungry Ghost Festival (Short Documentary) A short documentary about the individual beliefs on paranormal activities during the Hungry Ghost Festival. Directed by: Valerie Sin

Article by: Imee Schlimper

Reference: https://fengshuibeginner.com/hungry-ghost-month-taboos/


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