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Ang Henerasyong Sumuko Sa Love: A story about Love, Friendship, and Adulthood

ANG HENERASYONG SUMUKO SA LOVE is a romantic-comedy story about five friends whose about to face different ordeals of adulthood in a world that seems to lose faith in the concept of love.

Their own faith is put to the test as problems rise up in their careers, relationships, and even their own identity.

(L-F) Myrtle Sarosa, Albie Casino, Jerome Ponce, Jane Oineza, Tony Labrusca


Tony Labrusca plays Kurt - the workaholic who aspires to be successful in life

Jane Oineza plays Ma-an - the simple girl caught up in her dreams to be famous on social media

Jerome Ponce plays Denzel - the gay bestfriend who seeks love

Albie Casiño and Myrtle Sarrosa plays Hadjie and Junamae - the couple who fights for their love amidst their fear of life's changes.

Photo courtesy: Regal Entertainment Inc.

Written and directed by Jason Paul Laxana, this is a story of love and friendship.

Ang Henerasyong Sumuko sa Love is something to look forward to in your local theaters this October 2, 2019.

This movie is brought to you by Regal Entertainment Inc.



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