• Imee Schlimper

Mad Cafe: Work and Play in this instagram-worthy cafe in Quezon City!

Looking for a place to let those creative juices flowing? Well, we found just the place for you! Take a peek into this 300-square-meter cafe of madness!

Whether you're with a student studying for an exam or a freelancer preparing for a meeting, Mad Cafe is the perfect venue for you!

This diner isn't your typical run-of-the-mill restaurant. Inspired by Alice In Wonderland, the venue offers cute rabbit-hole looking cubicles for group of friends and couples for a more intimate dining experience.

Mad Cafe offers a variety of dishes from sandwiches to pasta, as well as steaks. Price ranges from Php150 to Php250. Some items are even good for sharing.

Not to mention that the ambiance triggered our creative juices to come!

MadHouse Design Studio and MadCafe owner Gila Salvador, a 24 year old entrepreneur made it unique for the customers as she says, "It has to be something unique for you to really earn.  If it is not, it is just mediocre. "

You may visit them at # 19 Congressional Avenue Project 8, Quezon City

For more info, you may follow them on their facebook page:



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