• Imee Schlimper

Malandi ka ba? Know the secret rules of flirting!

Are you the type of person who hides when they see their crush or the one with oozing self-confidence who approach and start a conversation with their target?

With our advanced technology, flirting and dating with anyone you like is easier. Dating apps are everywhere, some are taking advantage of the emoticons to express their feelings, posting and tagging the person you like with pampakilig quotes or just asking them straight to go out with you.

Don't forget to hold some serious eye contact

Give that eye contact to a target for two minutes consistently. After the two minutes, the participants cited increased feelings of attraction. 2 mins is enough! More than that will scare them and think you're a psycho!

Smile is contagious

Another successful tactic is smiling. According to a psychologist at Webster University who has researched flirting techniques, she cited smiling among the best flirting tactics that signal interest.

Make Him Or Her Laugh

Humor makes you more attractive. If people are funnier, it makes them seem more attractive, and that, in turn, makes others more romantically interested in them. Now you know why funny guys get a beautiful girl even they are not that good looking.

Coffee date

Invite your target for a coffee. Holding a warm drink can better someone’s perception of the person they’re with, particularly seeing the other person as generous and caring. FYI too that a cold beverage does just the opposite, according to the study.

Don't miss that gentle touch

Are you a touchy person? According to a study, the most effective flirtation touch is a gentle one. Take note! Gentle! The study also showed the type of touch that will come off as non-threatening is a light touch on the shoulder or a handshake. Keep the aggressiveness yet!

Ladies. wear something red!

Wear that gorgeous red lippie or dress! If your goal in flirting is to be deemed attractive, then choose to wear something red before you go out. A study showed men were more attracted to women wearing red compared to those who weren’t wearing the color.

So are you now ready to use the flirting tools for this weekend? Always remember, just be yourself.


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