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Mina-Anud: A real-life inspired drug bust movie with dark comedy

Produced by Regal Entertainment and Directed by Kerwin Go - Mina -Anud is a Crime Comedy movie based on real-life events that took place in 2009 Eastern Samar, Philippines.

The movie revolves on the lives of two local surfers turned drug syndicates when piles of cocaine got washed up on their community. They must decide if getting rich is worth risking both their family and freedom.

Dennis Trillo (L) and Jerald Napoles (R)

Dennis Trillo, Jerald Napoles, Mara Lopez, and Matteo Guidicelli star in this bold and socially relevant movie. Joining the main stars are Alvin Anson, Dionne Monsanto, Richard Manabat, Marc Felix, Luke Landrigan, Lou Veloso, Elia Ilano, Anthony Falcon and Lui Manansala.

Dennis Trillo (Ding) and Jerald Napoles (Carlo) plays surfers and best-friends in the movie. Tired of always feeling like a loser in life, they found a good opportunity to make money when bags of cocaine were washed up on the shores of a fishing village in Eastern Samar and hoarded by veteran actor Lou Veloso, a Barangay captain who was clueless at first of the real value of the loot.

The character of Alvin Anson who plays the role of a determined PDEA (Philppine Drug Enforcement Agency) officer bound to catch our protagonists/ perpetrators had clever and witty dialogues. Not your typical cop from other series or movies. He led the drug bust operation mission against the community.

Alvin Anson as PDEA Officer

Matteo Guidicelli plays the lead stars' number one client and former surfing buddy turned celebrity - who will ultimately be our protagonists' downfall.


Fast-paced, heart pounding, and engaging - This is really a must see movie. As cliche as this may sound (but 100% true), the movie's moral focuses on the repercussions of diving into the illegal drug business, that no matter how bankable and profitable it may seem - it's bound to ruin lives.

It's nice to see that such movie is produced. It's straight to the point, bold yet it has a touch of comedy in-spite of the sensitivity of the movie.

"Anud” literally meanins washed away. Perhaps there was a play of words before the movie was created as I'm not really sure if Mina - Anud is a real place.

Anyway, If you haven't watched Mina-Anud, better go to the cinema near you! We're rating this five out of five stars!


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