• Imee Schlimper

MINI PH Celebrates 60 Years Impressed Owners

MINI celebrates its 60th birthday at Eastwood Citywalk attended by more than 135 MINI owners with their beloved MINI cars to create a special “60” formation as part of the celebration.


“The MINI community in the Philippines has the most enthusiastic fans who appreciate driving fun, expressive design and premium quality, It’s fantastic to have so many MINI owners join this milestone event. A big thank you to all of our MINI customers for their continuous support, and we look forward to doing even more with the MINI community in the years ahead. With its rich heritage and impact on contemporary culture, MINI is more than the car–it is also a lifestyle that celebrates the connections between people, as well as the passion for life.” said Willy Tee Ten, President of MINI Philippines and Autohub Group of Companies.

Highlights of this milestone event includes the legendary sketch of the Mini concept by car designer Sir Alec Issigonis, the brand’s momentous triumph at the Monte Carlo Rally, as well as its presence on television as the ‘Beanmobile’ in the world-beloved sitcom “Mr. Bean.

Do you want to drive a gorgeous Mini this Christmas? Because we'd love to!

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