• Imee Schlimper

Satisfy your pork cravings with Kuya Rom's Sisig

"Tara, Sisig!"

Sisig is a Kapampangan and popular dish made from parts of pig head and chicken liver, usually seasoned with calamansi, onions, and chili peppers. Sisig means "to snack on something sour" and "salad".

Initially, the original sisig was just boiled pig parts that were soaked in vinegar. Revolutionized by Aling Lucing during the 1960s. She was the one that started the three-part cooking method for sisig.

From there, the dish craze began to spread all over the country like wildfire.

An underrated and newly opened sisig business that will surely satisfy your sisig cravings is Kuya Rom's Sisig!

Photo credits: Veronica Vicente

What sets them apart from their competitors is their all meat, creamy, flavorful sisig made from "Maskara ng Baboy na inihaw" mixed with pig's brain. The exotic and quite daring recipe has always been a part of the owner's family, Mr. Romy Villahermosa. Due to the current pandemic situation, the family decided to share the satisfaction they have experienced over the years after enjoying its flavorful taste to the public (and we're loving it!)

Why go out for some pork when it can be delivered right to your doorsteps!

For orders and inquries, follow Kuya Rom's sisig at https://www.facebook.com/kuyaromsisigph/


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