• Imee Schlimper

Sustainability at it's best with Oler!

Updated: Feb 4

Who wouldn't love a clean and zero waste skin care products?

Recently, Oler is creating a big name in the market.

Oler was established on 2018 with the purpose of promoting green cosmetic skincare using eco friendly, natural, green and plant derived ingredients and making them accessible to all classes of the society. One of their best product is the Oler Facial Serum which they use material that are high grade and from certified therapeutic grade essential oils, organic essences, to well researched actives, at a very affordable price point.

Oler's packaging is either naked, using re-usable and 're-purposable' paper or glass bottles. Most of the customers get refills or surrenders empty bottles to get discounts.

Oler makes sure that all products are Clean, Honest and Homemade Beauty for the customers.

These eco friendly products is perfectly for Christmas and for all occasion.

To know more about Oler, please visit https://www.facebook.com/oleroils/ and https://instagram.com/oleroils.


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