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TAGA-ALOG 2019, Songwriting Mini Bootcamp

NCCA ( National Commission on Culture and the Arts ), PETA (Philippine Educational Theater Association), and Philpop are pulling all the stops to raise awareness about the Ilog Pasig, while enriching our culture with the arts. They have a whole list of workshops and activities from writeshops, dance workshops and more, including the highlight for this article, a songwriting bootcamp held at the PETA Theater.

PETA Theater, 5 Sunnyside Dr, New Manila, Quezon City, 1112 Metro Manila

The Taga-Alog 2019, songwriting mini bootcamp was coached by none other than Mr. Noel Cabangon, Mr. Jugee Marcelo, and Trina Belamide, three of the most respected composers in the music industry. It started a month ago with a call for applications. Out of all who applied, 30 fellows were chosen to participate in this bootcamp and competition.

Noel Cabangon, Taga-Alog Songwriting Bootcamp Coach, Source: http://www.filscap.com.ph/board-of-trustees/noel-cabangon/

Jungee Marcelo, Taga-Alog Songwriting Bootcamp Coach, Source: https://twitter.com/jungeemarcelo

Trina Belamide, Taga-Alog Songwriting Bootcamp Coach, Source: http://www.filscap.com.ph/board-of-trustees/katrina-marie-r-belamide/

On the first day of the workshop, fellows were given the basics of songwriting and various exercises to hone their songwriting skills. One of the exercises was the Gibberish exercise. The participants were grouped in teams of two and were assigned to make a song out of gibberish. There was also a word association exercise.

Chester Lopez (L) and Paul Arcegal (R), Gibberish Exercise

Lloyd Elidio (L) and Chester Fracisco (R), Gibberish Exercise

Denice Lao (L) and Kier Franco, Gibberish Exercise

After the exercises, as part of the Taga-Alog campaign, participants were also taught about environmental issues that affect our country, especially the Ilog Pasig. The goal of the presentation was not only to draw inspiration from these issues but to also educate the participants and the public of the problems that our society often overlooks such as improper waste management issues such as open burning (the act of burning your trash, which is dangerous for the society and the environment)

Source: https://communitymonitors.net/2018/08/effects-of-open-burning-to-the-environment/




Day 2 of the workshop included more exercises, consultations, presentation of compositions and elimination round, top 5 performances, and of course, the awards night, where the top 3 songs would each get a cash prize and a Sining Ipo Trophy. In addition to that, the 1st place winner's song would be produced and recorded by Philpop.

Tampisawit Plaque of Recognition, Taga-alog Songwriting Bootcamp

Sining Ipo Trophies, Taga-alog 2019 Songwriting Bootcamp

FUN FACT: Sining Ipo Trophies are sculptures made from driftwood found at the Ipo Watershed.

More info here: http://www.mayniladwater.com.ph/company-csr-sining.php


“Ilog Pasig, Mabuhay Ka!” by Daniel Santos

FULL VIDEO HERE: https://www.facebook.com/TagaAlog/videos/511660872954389/

“Bangon, Ilog” by Gerard de Leon and Rica Francisco

FULL VIDEO HERE: https://www.facebook.com/TagaAlog/videos/451547379035708/

“Patuloy”by Paul Arcega

FULL VIDEO HERE: https://www.facebook.com/TagaAlog/videos/2112044352422893/

“Kayang-kaya” by Randy Pusing; and

FULL VIDEO HERE: https://www.facebook.com/TagaAlog/videos/514472702728682/

“Ilog Pasig Laban”by Suzanne Samson

FULL VIDEO HERE: https://www.facebook.com/TagaAlog/videos/915798742153363/

The top 5 entries were performed by their creators and the audience voted for the top 3 songs.

Top 5 Participants: Suzanne Samson, Randy Pusing, Paul Arcega, Gerard de Leon, Rica Francisco, Daniel Santos (From left to right)


1st Place - Suzanne Samson / “Ilog Pasig Laban”

2nd Place - Gerard de Leon & Rica Francisco / “Bangon, Ilog”

3rd Place - Randy Pusing / “Kayang-kaya”

Congratulations to all the winners!

But wait, the contest is still ongoing!

Taga-Alog 2019 has yet to proclaim the winner of the Maynilad's Audience Choice Award!

The Maynilad's Audience Choice Award is open only to the top 5 compositions.

The winner of this award will win a cash prize. To help them win, all you have to do is SHARE the live video LINKED ABOVE, under your favorite contestant.

According to the NCCA Taga-Alog facebook page, ONLY SHARES are counted to win this award. Voting is only open for a week starting from September 10, so it's best to like and share as much as you can for your candidate. So Share away!

Complete List of Fellows:

Dan Belen

Daniel de Leon

Anna Aquino

Lloyd Elidio

Paul Arcega

Chester Francisco

Ava Canaceli

Gaerard de Leon

Jamieson Casacop

Kier Franco

Gerard Dy

Joel Jabelosa

Erica Fadriquela

Chester Lopez

Denice Lao

John Mandapat

Shereen Nepomuceno

Donna Gutierrez

Harvey Tobias

Rica Francisco

Suzanne Samson

Marion Talavera

Daniel Santos

Daniel Manalang

Mario Tagle

Renzo Grijaldo

Rayven Vega

Gio Levy

Randy Pusing

Lance Galapon

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