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The Best of Bali! 6 fun facts about Bali you should know!

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Bali is full of Instagrammable stops and location that's why many travelers and travel bloggers choose Bali as one of their destinations.

Bali is famous for the perfect waves, rice fields, volcanos, Hindu temples, yoga, meditation and delicious food. It is also known as "The Island of Gods".

Photo courtesy: Nick Fewings / @jannerboy62

Photo courtesy : https://www.homesweethome.travel/best-things-to-do-in-uluwatu/

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- Bedugul tour to Visit Coffee Factory, Mengwi Royal Temple, Ulundanu, Lake Beratan and Wanagiri hidden hill (Bali swing and Bird’s nest)

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Bali swing

Excited now to pack and visit Bali? So let's now check the fun facts about Bali that we are not aware of!

Photo courtesy: Artem Beliaikin Young tourist woman swinging on the cliff in the jungle rainforest of a tropical Bali island, Indonesia.

Fact 1 – You should leave food on your plate

We’re not suggesting you should leave any part of your fresh seafood platter when dining in a restaurant, but if you are invited into a local family home, the etiquette is different.You might find yourself sitting on the floor and eating with your hands, in which case use your right hand only, and when you’ve had enough, you should leave a little bit of food on your plate to signify you are done.

Fact 2- Bali is actively volcanic

Mounts Agung and Batur are the two towering peaks of Bali, and these dinosaurs are far from dormant.Gunung Agung, as it is locally known, last erupted in 1963, killing around 1,500 people, and still makes its presence felt with occasional gassy belches. Batur, meanwhile, last erupted in 2000, shooting ash into the air, but harming no one.

Fact 3 – The airport will be shut one day a year

Nyepi, a Hindu celebration observed mainly in Bali, sees the entire island fall silent, with businesses closing and even the airport shutting up shop.

Fact 4 – Malevolent spirits are not welcome

Spirits are everywhere in Bali, and there are myriad practices to keep evil ones at bay.There’s a screen behind compound gateways called an aling aling, intended to keep them out. There are daily offerings of incense and food wrapped in banana leaves to appease them. There are noisy processions and scary stone carvings on walls to frighten them off. Don’t forget to honk your horn if you drive past a cemetery, as this will also scare the spirits away!

Fact 5 – Bowie’s final resting place?

The late David Bowie requested in his will to have his ashes scattered in Bali in a Buddhist ritual. There were some press reports that his family had fulfilled these wishes in a closed ceremony, though these are unconfirmed.The singer had a long-standing love for Indonesia, and even released a song in 1984 with Iggy Pop (‘Tumble and Twirl’) mentioning their journeys across the country.

Fact 6 – Bali is an island of thousands of gods

Combining Hinduism with some Buddhist mythology, ancestral spirits, animism, (black) magic and indigenous deities, Balinese Hinduism has a higher than average number of gods.

This complex belief system results in an island with more than 20,000 shrines (pura), which is why it’s called the Island of the Gods.

Article by Imee Schlimper

Reference: https://www.facebook.com/RelaxandXplore/ https://www.backyardtravel.com/blog/21-fun-interesting-facts-about-bali/


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