• Imee Schlimper

Turo-Turo Philippine Cafe: All-Time favorite in Auckland, New Zealand!

Updated: Jan 13

What is Turo-Turo? Filipino cuisine is constantly growing and changing. Our Filipino chefs are gaining popularity around the world. Turo Turo means “point-point” in Tagalog as simple as that wherein you point to what you want.

Turo-Turo and carinderia, both styles of Filipino restaurants became popular both in and out of the Philippines, which served affordable delicious and traditional food.

But did you know that there's a famous and popular Turo Turo Philippine cafe in Auckland, New Zealand since January 2010? The interior and quality of food were rated 5 stars by customers. This Filipino resto has an exquisite interior for functions and celebrations.

Customers are satisfied with the food that they serve from Liempo, Crispy Pata, pansit to their famous mouth-watering boodle fight and Bilao pack.

Visit them at 26A Mayfair Place, Glenn Innes 1072 Auckland, New Zealand


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