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Leo's Pancit Palabok: Serving quality and delicious Pancit since 1981

Updated: Jul 3

"This is it Pancit!" is a common expression we hear during celebrations, but what exactly is Pancit?

Pancit or rice noodles are a staple during traditional Filipino celebrations served for the purpose of a superstitious belief that noodles give you a "long life" when you eat it (provided you don’t cut the noodles before you eat them). It is impossible not to see pansit at fiestas, weddings, baptisms, and graduations as well. It continues to be enjoyed by generations of Filipinos in various forms, with sotanghon, bihon, canton, or miki.

The name comes from the Hokkien “pian e sit,” which translates to “something conveniently cooked”.

Leo's Pancit Palabok never fails in bringing people together especially when there's an occasion since 1981. Mr. Leonardo Herrera, owner of Leo's Pansit Palabok even remembered that Ms. Jaimie Rivera was one of their customers back then. People are always coming back for their special Pancit Luglug- Palabok.

This delicious and saucy Pancit Palabok topped with fresh shrimp, eggs, vegetables, pork cracklings, and organic ingredients will make you come back for more. To describe it perfectly, " hindi tinipid!" It is hearty and savory.

He was very fortunate to start a business in which he can make people happy by eating good food .

For a hearty snack, you may like and follow their page: https://www.facebook.com/Leos-Pancit-Palabok


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