• Imee Schlimper

Wired Bar & Kitchen: A new diversified hidden bar in the Metro!

Updated: Mar 2

Most of the time, people are too busy with many things that we tend to forget connecting with ourselves, friends and family. Good thing there are places to go to when you feel you need to lift your spirit and be relieved from our fast-paced lives.

Wired bar & kitchen is a new resto-bar where you can have the best selection of drinks and bar chow in Timog. Not to mention the VIP room that is good for 15 people and a cool arcade room inside the bar. It is created with different daily themes to cater to all diverse crowd and a great place to unwind for those who want an escape from crowded nightclubs and pubs.

Wired bar and kitchen Sicilian wine selection is suited to every dish.

Their mouth-watering and finger-licking bacon tempura is addicting! Everyone should try this signature dish.

Call your friends and family to relax. Connect while enjoying the vibe.

Visit Wired bar & kitchen at 25 Scout Rallos St. Quezon City.


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